Sexual Assault Investigation

Sexual Assault in Missoula – Second Take [Part IV] [AUDIO]
The YWCA's Pathways program offers safe shelter, crisis counseling and support for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, including the 24-hour crisis line: 406.542.1944 or 800.483.7858; emergency women and children's shelter; walk-in peer counseling; support groups; in-house license…
Sexual Assaults in Missoula – Second Take [Part I] [AUDIO]
Missoula has felt the heat and light of national attention following a Justice Department anouncement of investigations into the handling of sexual assault allegations by the University  of Montana, the Missoula, Montana Police Department, and the Missoula County Attorney's Office...
UM Sexual Assault Investigation
An investigation is under way into where a powerful date rape drug may have come from amid reports by two University of Montana students that they were sexually assaulted by men — aided by the drug.