Senator Max Baucus

Senator Baucus Pushes For State Management Of Gray Wolves
Senator Max Baucus’ push for state management of gray wolves in Montana is one step closer to reality. Baucus’s goal is to give Montana control of the wolf population. Senator Baucus underscored the importance of moving this proposal forward, in light of U.S. District Judge Donald M…
Medicare Cuts Unacceptable To Senator Baucus
Montana’s Senior U.S. Senator Max Baucus blasted a house plan to cut more than $2 trillion in health care benefits, forcing seniors to pay thousands of dollars more for care. According to the Wall Street Journal, the proposal would “essentially end Medicare” as it exists today...
Deficit Reduction
The U.S. Senate has defeated a house bill that sought to cut $60 billion from the remainder of this fiscal federal budget year, which ends September 30th. Senator Max Baucus was one vote in favor of the measure.
Baucus Supports Agricultural Jobs In Montana
During a Senate hearing with U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Senator Max Baucus highlighted the importance of trade in supporting Montana’s economy, and selling Montana agricultural products overseas as a critical part of supporting jobs in Montana.
Protecting The North Fork Of The Flathead
Senator Max Baucus says he has been working for years to protect the North Fork of the Flathead.  Baucus says he is pleased by Canada’s effort to retire oil and gas leases in British Columbia.