Senator Max Baucus

House-Senate Conference Report Ends Horse Slaughter Ban
House and Senate Appropriations Committees eliminated the ban on domestic horse slaughter. The Agriculture Appropriations conference report was released Monday evening. The conference report is now headed to the full House and Senate floors for consideration this week.
Progress on PTSD Screenings [AUDIO]
The Post Deployment Health Assessment Act was introduced by Senator Max Baucus in 2009, modeled off a Montana National Guard pilot program that implemented comprehensive pre and post-combat screening to identify signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and suicidal tendencies among combat tro…
Baucus Comments On Super Committee Closed Door Sessions
In an interview Friday, Senior Senator Max Baucus comments on Republican Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s statement that the Debt Reduction Committee meetings should be open to the public.

Under the committees’ rules the meetings can be closed to the public following a majority vot…
Debt-Cutting Plans [AUDIO]
Senator Max Baucus questioned key architects of previous debt-cutting plans at yesterdays deficit reduction committee hearing. Baucus highlighted the concept of tax reform – the idea that the government can lower tax rates for all taxpayers and
Baucus Introduces Bill To Spur Montana Innovation
Senator Max Baucus held a hearing yesterday to highlight the need to support American innovation after introducing bipartisan legislation this week to spur Montana research and development that creates good paying jobs. Senator Baucus says congress has to do its part to support American ingenuity es…
Baucus Tackles Jobs At Griz Game [AUDIO]
I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview Senator Max Baucus Saturday on the sidelines at Washington Grizzly Stadium just before the Griz/Eastern Washington game. Baucus was invited to participate in the coin toss at the beginning of the game...
Baucus Wants To Solve Debt Problem [AUDIO]
Senator Max Baucus echoed calls he’s heard from Montanans for action and cooperation to cut the debt and create jobs during today’s  Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction hearing.  Baucus says  that because history shows a broad combination of factors led to the debt…

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