Senator Max Baucus

Baucus: Families, Not Feds Should Decide Farm Chores
Senator Max Baucus is urging the Department of Labor to stop the proposed expansion of labor rules that would adversely affect Montana farming and ranching families. In a letter to Department of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, Baucus outlined the real world challenges additional regulations would impos…
Baucus Wants Farmers And Ranchers Repaid
Senator Max Baucus urged the commodity futures trading commission, today,  to do everything it can to make sure Montana farmers are made whole in the wake of the MF Global bankruptcy scandal.  Baucus also called on the commission to launch a full review of other future commission merchants…
Baucus Will Continue To Fight To Extend Payroll Tax Cuts
Senator Max Baucus has pledged to continue fighting to extend the payroll tax cut for Montana workers after an initial vote to extend the cut failed in the Senate on Thursday. Experts Say the Tax Cut Put $300 Million Back in the Hands of 600,000 Montana workers in 2011 and failure to extend Will …
‘Supercommittee’ Fails To Meet Deadline
Today (11-21-11), the Co-Chairs of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, Representative Jeb Hensarling and Senator Patty Murray announced that it will not be possible to make any bipartisan agreement available to the public before the committee’s deadline.
Montana Brewers Highlighted
Senator Max Baucus announced his latest “Montana Jobs Economic Engine” yesterday, highlighting the state’s 29 small breweries for providing more than 250 jobs and supporting the state’s grain industry

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