Senator Jon Tester

Tester Highlights Montana Flooding
As communities across Montana deal with widespread flooding, Senator Jon Tester is questioning a decision by the House of Representatives to dramatically cut the federal emergency response budget. Tester used a Senate hearing yesterday to highlight how those cuts could impact Montana communities, te…
Senators Want Biden To Leave Medicare Alone
Five Democratic senators are calling on Vice President Joe Biden to reaffirm his commitment to leaving Medicare unchanged during budget and deficit negotiations.
Sens. Claire McCaskill, of Missouri, Jon Tester, of Montana, Sherrod Brown, of Ohio, Ben Cardin of Maryland and Bill Nelson of Florida expr…
Flooding Concerns For Montana Farmers And Ranchers
Authorities warn that the record- breaking floods could extend into Northwestern Montana in the coming days. Warmer weather in the forecast could trigger the sudden melt of record winter snows. As the flooding continues in Montana, Senator Jon Tester talks about help for Montana Farmers and Ranchers
Tester Pledges A ‘No’ Vote
Senator Jon Tester says he will vote against extending the controversial Patriot Act this week. Congress passed the Patriot Act 10 years ago. It gives federal authorities the right to review the medical, gun, library and internet records of American citizens -- without a warrant. In a speech on the …
A Closer Look At Flooding & Responses Throughout Montana
Cooler temperatures  mixed with rain continue to add high river levels throughout Montana. Temperatures will be cooler this week right through the holiday weekend with two significant rain events expected. According to National Weather Service  predictions, the Clark Fork River, above Missoula, coul…
Tester’s Concerns With The Keystone XL Pipeline
The Keystone XL project is in the second phase of a $13 billion underground pipeline network designed to move 1.5 million barrels of canadian oil daily to U.S. refineries. Delays in getting approval for the pipeline have added $1 billion to the total cost...
Holding Big Oil Responsible
As states continue to suffer the economic consequences of BP’s disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, recent reports suggest the company may attempt to exploit a loophole in the law to avoid full responsibility for the disaster.

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