Senator Jon Tester

Senator Jon Tester Visits KGVO [Audio]
Senator Jon Tester was in the KGVO studio this morning LIVE on the air. I want to thank Senator Tester for taking time out of his schedule today to answer some questions from our listeners via Facebook. Some of the questions included gun rights, flooding in Montana and his thoughts on how to ge…
Baucus Urges EPA For Better Communication In Libby
Montana’s U.S. Senator Max Baucus says a new report released Friday by the Office of the Inspector General for the Environmental Protection Agency shows the need for improved communication between the EPA and the community regarding asbestos exposure.
Freedom Pass For America’s Veterans.
Senator Jon Tester wants to give veterans free, lifetime access to America’s National parks. Tester introduced a bill  to create a “freedom pass” for all honorably discharged military veterans. Tester says the freedom pass is a “powerful way to say thank you” to Am…
Tester: Exxon Should Pay For Yellowstone River Spill With Profits
Senator Jon Tester says Exxon should pay the entire cost of cleanup and recovery after Friday’s spill. Tester called the C-E-O of Exxon Tuesday afternoon. His message: Taxpayers should not be stuck with the bill. Tester says the oil giant can afford to absorb the cost of the spill without sque…

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