The Big Show is Finally Here
The Republican primary race was tougher, longer, and more expensive than almost anyone thought. Now that the primary is over, it's time to start the big show.
Santorum Supports Obama Over Romney
Yesterday, Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum said that the country might as well re-elect Barack Obama if the Republican choice is "etch-a sketch" Mitt Romney. Do you think Santorum really meant what he said, or is he just trying to make a sharp distinction between himself an…
Will This “Flip-Flop” Video Destroy Mitt Romney’s Campaign?
Mitt Romney's opponents, on both the left and the right, are celebrating the release of the following video. In it you will see Mitt touting the fact that he was able to funnel millions of dollars from the government for the 2002 Olympics. Romney has always held up the Olympics as one of his gr…
Super Tuesday: What Ohio Says About the Leading Candidates
Over the course of the next twelve hours, ten states will decide who they think best represents the Republican Party. Here are the States in play along with the number of delegates they offer: Georgia (76), Ohio (66), Tennessee (55), Virgina (46), Oklahoma (43), Massachusetts (41), Idaho (32), North…

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