Newt Gingrich Surges in Polls [VIDEO]
With the all-important Florida primary looming, many state polls show Newt Gingrich has closed the gap between himself and the presumed frontrunner Mitt Romney — and that’s making many within the Republican party exceedingly nervous.

No, Sarah Palin’s Documentary Did Not Get an Oscar Nod
The Oscar nominations announced earlier today had some heads turning at the ‘Documentary Feature’ category as a couple of high profile blogs thought that ‘The Undefeated,’ the critically-panned Sarah Palin documentary, picked up a nod. Turns out, it was all a big co…
The Pope Gives Facebook and Twitter a ‘Like’
No one can accuse Pope Benedict XVI of being old-fashioned, even if his beliefs on doctrine are strictly traditionalist. The Pontiff proved he holds his traditional views in a very modern social landscape by praising the usefulness of social media communication.

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