City of Missoula in Fierce Debate Over Renting Rules
Monday's Missoula city council meeting involved a fiery discussion over a proposed text change to the way Missoula's zoning codes are read. The change would allow owners of single family zoned homes to create or use adjacent dwelling units (or ADUs) as rentals...
Rehberg Blames Housing Bust on Federal Government
HELENA, Mont. (AP) — One of U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg's talking points on the campaign trail has been to blame the federal government for the housing crash — even though the Republican himself once supported federal down payment assistance for low-income borrowers...
Japanese Apartment Complex Caters to Motorcycle Owners
Motorcycle enthusiasts sometimes have a difficult choice: leave their beloved rides out in the elements, or pay to garage them. But Japanese architects may have come up with the perfect solution — an apartment complex with a compact motorcycle garage in each unit.
The Price of Renting a Home Is Going Up, Up, Up
People skittish about the state of the real estate market or whose credit was left in tatters after the economy tanked are increasingly foregoing buying a home in favor of renting.
So it’s probably not surprising that rent across the US is rising accordingly, about six percent in the past year …

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