Missoula Outpacing National Average in Housing the Homeless
Every January, cities across the U.S. attempt to count the number of Homeless people in their area. Michael Moore of Reaching Home: Missoula's 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness says that data from last year shows that hundreds of folks are homeless in Missoula.
‘Homeless Hotspots’ Ignite Heated Debate
The annual SXSW interactive conference in Austin is sometimes plagued with snail-slow internet speeds (when you can connect at all). But this year it’s been a little easier to find a wifi hotspot: just look for a homeless person. Yes, homeless people are now being used as wifi spots.
Missoula’s Poverello Center Inches Closer to a Move
The Poverello Center recently cleared another hurdle in its quest to claim funds awarded to it by a special grant back in 2009. The recent environmental survey conducted by the city of Missoula found that there would be no negative environmental impacts if the Poverello center were to move to the Tr…

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