5 Easy and Delicious Summer Party Drinks
Lately I’ve been somewhat consumed with Pinterest. While spending endless hours consuming all the amazing pins, I’ve run across a few that are making my mouth water. So, I compiled them for you to use this summer at your backyard get togethers. I hope you
Kalispell Schools Opt for Local Beef Suppliers
KALISPELL, Mont. (AP) — Officials with Kalispell Public Schools say the district will save money and serve healthier food by switching to hamburgers made with beef that comes from Kalispell and Polson cattle ranches.
Food Service Director Jenny Montague tells the Daily Inter Lake that the distr…
Would You Pay $30 for a Snack?
We might live in Montana, but that doesn’t mean we are completely deprived of the luxuries available to residents of more populated states — even when it comes to fine dining.
You don’t have to be a New York business executive or a California movie star to pay a lot of money for a t…
Is There Any Truth to the ‘Three Second Rule’? [VIDEO]
Who among us hasn’t eaten something off the floor as long as it sat there for three seconds or less? Well, it turns out there may be some truth to the “three second rule,” but it has more to do with the type of food than how long it lingers on the ground.

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