Man Charged, Child Left in Apartment With Stove On
MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) — A Missoula man is charged with felony criminal endangerment after police found a 3-year-old girl sleeping in an apartment with a loaded handgun within her reach and a paper bag "nearing combustion" on a hot burner.
The Missoulian reports 21-year-old Zach…
What City Has the Most Spoiled Children?
We have all seen the horrifying outcome of parents who spoil their children. The tyranny these little monsters yield can sometimes wreak the same twisted havoc as a lone wild animal searching for its next meal.
3-Year-Old Genius Is Still Just a Kid
Many parents insist their child is a genius. Emmelyn Roetteger, however, has the paperwork to prove it. She scored a 135 on an IQ test, and was thus accepted into MENSA.
She is, on the other hand, still a toddler, as this bit from the Today Show shows us.
Adorable Twins Have an Epic ‘Pacifier War’
Adorable identical twins Lillian and Diana Bajorek wage war over a single pacifier by forcibly removing it from each other’s mouths. Babies are undeniably cute, but as this video shows, sharing just isn’t part of their vocabulary yet.
Two-Year-Old Genius Accepted Into Mensa
Every parent likes to think their toddler is a genius. But the parents of two-year-old Anthony Popa Urria have the Mensa membership to back that up.
Still in diapers, Anthony has been admitted into the high IQ-society on the strength of his 154 IQ, which is just short of the scores of great thinkers…

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