During the October 29 edition of Talk Back, we will have the pleasure of speaking with Montana Supreme Court candidate Ed Sheehy.

On his candidate's web site, Sheehy lists a variety of characteristics that distinguish him from his opponent first among them being knowledge of the law and Montana.

Sheehy has worked as a lawyer "in every county in Montana, not just a few" and has handled a wide variety of cases before a variety of courts.

Sheehy has a strong focus on impartiality and says he will refuse "to seek, accept, or use any partisan endorsement." Sheehy also makes a point of saying that he has not contributed to any campaign while running for the Montana Supreme Court.

One of the most negative ads this election season is undoubtedly the "Christmas Day Killer" ads that target Sheehy for being an "activists" for arguing the constitutionality of the death penalty while defending Tyler Miller. Sheehy has explained his side of the story here, and it is well worth reading.

The following are Ed Sheehy's beliefs as listed on his website;

  • That every Montanan has the right to receive Justice.
  • That every case must be decided fairly and impartially, with justice served.
  • That every person has Constitutional rights, regardless of who we are or what we have been accused of.
  • That the Court should be non-partisan.
  • That there is no room for political or personal agendas on the Court..
  • That the LAW is thicker than blood.

To learn more about Ed Sheehy, read his bio.