The Missoula Fire Department  was called out to a structure fire at 510 Lolo Street in the Rattlesnake area Sunday, October 27, at about 10:24 a.m.

Acting Battalion Chief Rick Pechta said on Sunday afternoon that the fire department was joined by other agencies to deal with the fire.

"Three engine companies responded, along with one ladder company and a battalion chief," Pechta said. "The Missoula Police Department, Missoula Emergency Services, Northwestern Energy and Mountain Water all responded, as well."

"When I got to the scene, all the windows were blacked out," Pechta said. "We made entry by forcing the front and rear doors. Crews encountered smoke, but no heat. It looks like something may have caught fire yesterday or last night, and burned itself out, and then just smoldered, sending out all that smoke."

Pechta said the home was a small rental, about 1000 square feet, and was unoccupied when the fire occurred.

"The owners are on the east coast, and they said it was supposed to be occupied on November 1st," Pechta said. "The ceiling had come down, of course, and along with the damage the fire, smoke and water did, we found a few hot spots and had to tear into a wall before we were finished. According to the chief's report, he said about $65,000 in damage was a good estimate."

Pechta said there were no injuries to firefighters and no surrounding structures were threatened by the fire. The investigation by the Missoula Fire Department is continuing into the actual cause of the fire.

Acting Battalion Chief Rick Pechta