This is a difficult story for me to write, and for you to read, but according to Missoula County law enforcement authorities, it is a very important story for all of us. Suicides and suicide attempts are increasing in western Montana. I spoke first with Missoula County Sheriff's Captain Rich Maricelli who compiled some recent statistics about suicide in our area. Click below for Captain Maricelli's comments.

What about the families and friends of suicide victims? How do they deal with the after effects of this tragedy? I spoke next with Sheriff's Department Chaplain Chuck Lee, who often responds to the homes of suicide victims and counsels with family members. Click here for my conversation with Chaplain Lee.

But the most important conversation in this story is the one to come. I also spoke with a suicide prevention counselor named Morgan. If you only listen to one of these interviews, let it be this one, and take Morgan's advice. Please click here to listen..and perhaps save a life..