A group of students at UM called Reinvest Montana are urging the UM Foundation to divest and cut the ties with the fossil fuel industry. Co President Simon Dykstra says their group is holding a rally tomorrow in an effort to get their point across.

“We have been organizing for over 2.5 years and exhausted all institutional channels for the UM Foundation to make movement on divestment,” said Dykstra. “Now that we urged them to that those institutional channels, Mack Clapp hasn’t acted in good fail with the student body.”

Dykstra hopes this rally will be the largest climate related protest ever held at UM.

“Right now, it is looking like it will be larger than the eight person sit in that happened at President Royce Engstrom’s office in 2008 and another one that happened around 2001 in relation to a basketball game in the gulf war,” Dykstra said. “We will be entirely no violent, but I can’t really disclose a lot more than that.”

Events will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the Gilkey Center. Reinvest Montana says something exciting is likely to happen around 5:00 p.m. when the building closes.