After the U.S. Senate passed a bill this week creating a system for the collection internet sales tax on Monday, May 6, Senator Max Baucus vowed he would keep fighting the bill.

“Small businesses need to focus their time on creating jobs, not playing tax collector for other states," Baucus said. "This bill is bad for Montana businesses, and I’m going to keep fighting to make sure it doesn’t become law."

Today, May 7, Representative Steve Daines joined Baucus in speaking out against the same bill even though the bill isn't up for debate yet in the house.

In his statements on the house floor Daines mentioned his home state several times, joking that you could tell if someone was a native Montanan "if they had voted against a sales tax twice."

“Under this legislation—which the Senate passed last night—Montana’s small businesses would be forced to collect sales tax for up to 9,600 cities and states—none of which would go to Montana," Daines said. "The added costs and the burden of more paperwork and more regulations would severely undermine many small businesses in our state.”

So far the House has not, and may not put the Marketplace Fairness Act up for a vote. President Barack Obama has already signaled his support for the legislation.