There will not be a recount in Montana's extremely close Superintendent of Public Instruction race despite the fact that state courts found probable cause for a recount based on six flaws in Montana's last election process.

“It is disheartening to have truly found what the state of our election system looks like,” said Welch. “We entrust a great deal of authority to our elected officials through the vote we cast every other year. When the officials who are responsible for securing that system cannot recognize the need for improvement, it is up to the voters to raise the bar of accountability.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Republican Candidate Sandy Welch, announced that she was not be able to raise the $115,000 needed for the recount. "We were out spent in this race 2 -1," commented Welch "we always knew it would come down to the funds, it was just impossible for us to raise as much money for the recount in a month as we raised for the entire campaign."

Interview with Sandy Welch:

Welch told supporters “it would have been an honor to serve them as state superintendent, however, the vote count we must settle with indicates a different victor.”