After skipping a scheduled meeting in July, the Montana State Land Board (which is composed of Montana's five elected statewide political offices) was set to discuss a new coal lease for Signal Peak Energy at the end of August.

On Monday, the Land Board announced that they would move the date up to August 3. The Blue Skies Campaign, which has been protesting coal leases in Montana,  is upset that the Land Board shifted the date of  it's meeting. Campaign member Nick Engelefried says that it "doesn't seem very in keeping with the spirit of maximizing opportunity for public participation."

Blue Skies Campaign Member Nick Engelfried discusses the impact of coal and Montana's State Land Board:

Engelfried says that the Blue Skies Campaign will attend the meeting and give public comment despite the last minute switch. This could be the final land board meeting to allow a new three and a $3.5 million coal lease on state land in Musseleshell county.