The Missoula County Sheriff’s Department is trying to find a pair of Honda E U Generators that were stolen from a camper parked near Lolo Hot springs last Saturday, June 7.

"One of our deputies spoke with a person who was camping up at Lolo Hot Springs," Pavalone said. "Sounds like the RV had parked across the street. Over the night on the evening of Saturday, he had his camper parked there, and there was two generators hooked on to the front of it. He woke up the next day and both generators were stolen from the front of his camper."

The generators were expensive and have some distinguishing characteristics.

"They're valued $1,300 at a piece, so we're looking at felony theft," Pavalone said. "There was some pretty identifying marks on it. One was his name, which is Gabe, and then also, there Murdoch's stickers on each of the generators and and there is two of them."

Anyone with information about the stolen generators is advised to call Crimestoppers at 721-4444.