KGVO News received a letter from Missoula County Sheriff Carl Ibsen about the flooding near Tower and Kehrwald Streets.  He is asking the general public to stay clear of the area allowing residents to quickly access their property.

As everyone has seen and heard on the news, there is flooding in the area of Tower and Kehrwald.  Residents are working very hard to protect their properties, livestock and pets.  It is a difficult task, at best.

     The onslaught of sightseers is creating massive problems for the residents in getting in and out of the area while trying to mitigate the potential damage and loss.  Hundreds of vehicles are flooding the area to get a look.  They are parking on 3rd and on Tower.  They are creating traffic jams.  This creates traffic problems and makes the efforts of the neighborhood much more difficult.  Additionally, it adds to the risk level for everyone.  It has the potential of creating problems for emergency personnel, when they need immediate access.

     Missoula County Public Works department has placed signs disallowing access to the area except by RESIDENTS.  The Sheriff’s Department is working the area and will be enforcing those road closure signs and citing drivers, if necessary.

     The Sheriff’s Department is requesting that all Missoula residents stay away from that area unless you live there and are actively engaged in the effort to mitigate the flooding damage.  We understand that it is interesting and exciting to see but all the traffic is truly creating major problems in the area.

     The local media outlets, including radio, tv and print, are doing a great job of covering the incident.  You can hear and see it on those venues so PLEASE, stay away.

     Thank you.

CC Ibsen