With the season opener just six days away, the Missoula Osprey have begun to fill out their roster.

The first 10 players to sign were announced yesterday, and a staggering 8 of them have previously donned an Osprey uniform.

The biggest names announced were pitchers Robby Rowland and Enrique Burgos, who both saw plenty of action on the mound last season.

Other players of note include Eric Groff, who saw a lot of time at second base last season, and Roidany Aguila, who will most likely handle a majority of the catcher duties this season.

Here's a complete list of who is officially on the team at this point:

Robby Rowland - Starting Pitcher

Enrique Burgos - Starting Pitcher

Victor Lara - Relief Pitcher

Roidany Aguila - Catcher

Fidel Pena - Catcher/Infielder

Eric Groff - Infielder

Stephen Cardullo - Infielder

Tom Belza - Infielder

Ty Linton - Outfielder

Westley Moss - Outfielder