Senator Max Baucus announces $10 million to boost asbestos screening at montana’s card clinic. The clinic will provide screening for asbestos-related diseases as part of a grant program Baucus created in the new health care law. 

We can never right the outrageous wrong that took place in Libby, but we do have a responsibility to make sure the community has the tools it needs to heal.  Early screening is one of our strongest weapons in the fight to treat asbestos victims and prevent this terrible tragedy from taking any more of our family members and neighbors,”  Baucus said. “The folks at the CARD clinic do amazing work supporting asbestos victims, and this grant will give them security and support to continue providing great screening and health care to folks in Lincoln County for years to come.”

CARD is a community based non-profit organization in Lincoln County committed to providing asbestos screening and healthcare related to the Libby asbestos exposure. 

“CARD is grateful for the opportunity to continue providing free asbestos health screening for individuals exposed to asbestos in Libby, Montana. This free screening program is broader than ever before.  CARD will not only be providing free screening in Libby Montana but CARD will also implement screening across the nation for individuals exposed in Libby, Montana. This is a critical service that we are honored to provide in helping our community move forward.” said Dr. Brad Black, CARD Medical Director and Lincoln County Public Health Officer.  

"The screening, outreach, and education activities provided under this award are critical to protecting the health of Libby citizens affected by exposure to asbestos,” said Chris Portier, Director of the National Center for Environmental Health and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry at the CDC.

The grant program is part of three steps Baucus included in the Affordable care Act to secure health care coverage for Libby victims: 

  1. In Spring  2010, as part of Baucus’ provisions, victims of asbestos exposure in Lincoln County began getting care under Medicare. 
  2. In March 2011, Baucus announced the application process was open for the screening-grant awarded to CARD today. 
  3. In June 2011, Baucus announced additional benefits for Libby asbestos victims, such as home care services and special medical equipment not normally covered under Medicare.

 Earlier this year Baucus was announced as the 2011 Tribute of Hope Award recipient  by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) for his tireless efforts fighting on behalf of residents of Libby, Lincoln County and Asbestos victims everywhere. In March, the Senate unanimously passed Baucus’ resolution to designate the first week of April 2011 as “Asbestos Awareness Week,” and call attention to Libby and other victims of asbestos-related disease.

Story from Jennifer Donohue•D.C. Press Secretary