Talk Back is pleased to announce a formal debate between incumbent Democrat Richard Barrett and Republican challenger Fred Carl, both of whom are vying for state senate seat 47.

The debate is set for October 23 and anyone willing to call into 721-1290 during the show can get their questions out to the candidates.

Unlike most of our shows, there is a special rule for callers during a formal debate. Namely, that every question asked must be answerable by both debaters. The reason for this rule is to make sure that the line does not get swamped with positive and negative statements from potentially rigged callers. By keeping all of the questions neutral, listeners will get a chance to hear a bare-bones representation of what the candidates think.

Photo courtesy of Fred Carl for Senate

To find out more about Fred Carl, visit Carl's candidate comparison page. He has also posted a few videos, and included an extensive list of his letters to the Missoulian.









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To find out more about Dick Barrett, it is best to read the questions and responses Barrett has posted in the Ask Dick section of his web page. There, you can find Barrett's opinion on everything from global warming and energy to balancing the budget and the meaning of a fair share in taxation.