MOIESE, Mont. (AP) — Gov. Brian Schweitzer and federal wildlife officials toured the National Bison Range in western Montana to discuss the potential for moving Yellowstone National Park bison to the range.

While Schweitzer and federal wildlife officials have the same goal of conserving bison, that hasn't prevented them from butting heads.

In December, the Interior Department rejected Schweitzer's plan to move what he called "brucellosis-free, genetically pure" bison to the range near Moiese. In response, Schweitzer blocked the agency from transporting fish or wildlife anywhere within the state.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar later said his agency would evaluate a proposed relocation.

The Missoulian reports Schweitzer, Interior and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials toured the range Tuesday. It was part of Schweitzer's two-day tour of potential bison relocation sites in Montana.