Libertarian candidate for Senate Dan Cox may not be polling as strongly as Denny Rehberg and Jon Tester, but his potential to swing votes from the front runners has become the focus of a behind-the-scenes campaign.

The first salvo came from a series of television ads and mailers that directly attacked Rehberg and supported Cox. The ads were not purchased by Cox or an associated Super PAC, but by the Montana Hunters and Anglers, a group headed by prominent Montana Democrats with almost no ties to the Libertarian party.

Now, both former Libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul have come out to help sway libertarian minded voters back towards Rehberg. Ron Paul's Super PAC (Liberty PAC) currently lists Rehberg along with 16 other candidates under the heading Ron Paul Endorsements, but some libertarians, including Dan Cox himself have questioned the endorsement.

Liberty PAC is closely aligned with Ron Paul, the phone number for Liberty PAC, 1 800 RON PAUL, is the same as the phone number for the Ron Paul for President campaign. Even the campaign finance watchdog Open Secrets links Ron Paul with Liberty PAC.

But questions remained, and now Ron Paul's son has come out to clear the air over the endorsement in a statement issued over the last weekend before election day.

Rand Paul's endorsement of Denny Rehberg:

"Hi, this is Senator Rand Paul. America is at a crossroads. Everyday the federal government grows bigger; taxing more, spending more eroding our personal freedoms and liberties.


We can take our country back, but senate majority leader Harry Reid stands in our way. That's why I along with my father Ron Paul have endorsed Denny Rehberg for Senate, because we know that if you help Denny defeat liberal senator Jon Tester, Harry Reid and his liberal allies will no longer control the Senate.


Denney Rehberg will vote to audit the fed, Denny Rehberg will help me eliminate wasteful foreign aid spending, repeal Obamacare and prevent trillion dollar deficits.


This is Rand Paul, I support Denny Rehberg and encourage you to do the same because a vote for anyone other than Denny Rehberg is a vote to keep Harry Reid and his liberal allies in control of the U.S. Senate."