Hunting has always been considered good business in Montana. New data from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks shows that’s especially true along the Rocky Mountain Front. In fact, sportsmen hunting the "Front"  spent a little more during the middle of the recession – the industry brings in about 10-million a year. On Your Own Adventures T-V series host Randy Newman says the numbers should make an important point as conservation bills are facing a tough time in Congress.

Choteau businessman and hunter Stoney Burk says the new economic data isn't surprising, and he sees the Rocky Mountain Front as a “big game factory.”

State data shows most hunters visit the Front for upland game birds, deer and elk. Some also hunt for antelope, big horn sheep, moose and mountain goats. According to the Outdoor Industry Foundation- Outdoor recreation statewide contributes about two-and-a-half billion dollars to Montana’s economy - and is connected to about 34-thousand jobs.