Lolo National Forest Supervisor Debbie Austin has signed a closure order for Rock Creek Road beginning at Mile Marker 15 to the southern boundary of the Forest due to flooding and water on the road at several locations. The order restricts traffic to residents only and is being done in coordination with the Granite County Sheriff’s Office. Mile Marker 15 is 15 miles south of Interstate 90. Valley of the Moon Bridge at about Mile Marker 3 and Wahlquist Bridge at Mile Marker 23 along Rock Creek Road have also been closed to all traffic due to high water and potentially unsafe conditions. According to Missoula Ranger District employees and deputies with the Granite County Sheriff’s Office, Rock Creek over the last 24 hours has flooded over its banks and water is flowing over the road – or there is standing water -- at several locations. Residents beyond the closure at Mile Marker 15 are allowed access to their residents under the existing closure – which is in place until rescinded. For more information please call the Lolo National Forest public affairs office at (406) 329-1024.

Story from Lolo National Forest