Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill issued his plan to Reform Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks this week.

Hill says the agency needs to institute a variety of changes that range from  priority budgeting to an overhaul in FWP leadership.

Hill says that, if elected, not only will he replace the head of FWP, he will also replace three of the five board members currently serving.

Rick Hill explains proposed changes to Fish, Wildlife and Parks:

Hill lists five areas of agency reform:

Predator Management – Wolves, Grizzly Bears, and Mountain Lions

· Reduce the number of wolves and aggressively manage all predators.


· Suspend efforts to establish wild, free-roaming bison around Montana.

Access Montana

· Improve sportsmen access by expanding landowner participation in the Block Management program. Then manage it to improve the hunting experience.

Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Administration

· Conduct an audit of all special revenue accounts to make sure the funds have been spent appropriately.

· New leadership who will emphasize restoring relationships and regain the confidence of agency personnel.

Enjoying Montana’s Outdoors

· Restore and reaffirm Montana’s enjoyment of the outdoors. Partner with a wide range of private and non-profit recreation organizations to create innovative ways to attract young people, recreationists of all types, and returning hunters and anglers.