Representative Steve Daines weighed in on Thursday's House budget vote and the need for lasting solutions to the nation's debt crisis. Daines said to create jobs and grow the economy, "we must work toward lasting solutions that put our nation back on solid fiscal ground, and stop wasteful Washington spending, and balance our budget:"

"The American people deserve more accountability from Washington," Daines said. "Washington has a responsibility to the American people to produce number one, a budget, and number two, a budget that balances. Anything less than that is a failure to lead. The principles found in my Balanced Budget Accountability Act reflect Montana common sense and they stand in stark contrast with the president's budget."

Daines introduced the Balanced Budget Accountability Act which requires Congress to pass a balanced budget, or members won't get paid.

Daines said Democrat leaders have decided the American people don't deserve a budget at all.

"That is irresponsible, and will only lead to never ending deficits and a debt that will take generations to pay off," Daines said. "That is not the Montana way. That is not the American way. I don't agree with everything in this budget, but I know that the people of Montana want—and—deserve a solution to our debt crisis and a balanced budget."

Daines has been the House floor all week discussing his Balanced Budget Accountability Act and the need for a balanced budget.