Missoula County Sheriff deputies responded to a disturbance call around 11:30am Wednesday at a campground near Highway 93. Public Information Officer Brenda Bassett explains.

“Inside of a camper there were two males and a female and a verbal altercation became physical,” said Bassett. “At one point it was reported that the suspect pulled a knife and cut the other individual who was a male, on the face. He was transported to the hospital for some minor injuries that were non life threatening.”

According to Bassett, law enforcement led a widespread manhunt for the suspect.

“We had several deputies and forest service officers that were helping us in this search for the individual, but in the end he actually ended up contacting us,” Bassett said. “We were able to meet up with him at a gas station, but he was taken into custody and he will be booked at the detention facility.”

Bassett says the disturbance began Tuesday night, but the investigation is ongoing.