On Thursday, Representative Denny Rehberg signed H.R. 6083 also known as the FARRM (Federal Agricultural Reform and Risk Management) act, with the hope of getting a Farm Bill through to the Senate. Rehberg says he he is "crossing a line" by challenging House Republican leadership over the Farm bill, which he says needs to "come up with a plan or a program before the September 30th deadline." September 30th marks the end of the 2008 Farm Bill under which, the U.S. currently operates.

Congressman Denny Rehberg on House leadership and the farm bill:

Rehberg says that farmers and ranchers need "certainty" inferring that this is something not provided for under the current Administration or by House leadership's delay of the farm bill.

“While I know this is going to put a burr under the saddle of Republican leadership, I’m not here to fight for the party, I’m here to fight for Montana.  Agriculture is our top industry, and the Farm Bill is a critical safety net that can’t wait.  Farmers are already facing the full return of the Death Tax, onerous regulatory expansion, drought and fires.  They shouldn’t have to worry about legislative gridlock as well.”