The University of Montana is facing budget cuts in both academics and athletics of up to $16 million dollars and reduction of personnel due to a recent drop in enrollment.

"We could be as high as $15 to 17 million dollars down, and that compares to a $167 million dollar budget," said Vice president for administration and finance Michael Reid on Wednesday afternoon, April 3. Reid added, "we're planning for anywhere from 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10%, in increments of 2%, but 10% seems to be the worst we're looking at."

Vice President for Administration and Finance Michael Reid

Regarding the University of Montana athletic department, associate athletic director for business and finance James Gibson said Wednesday that "we do have a very complex and dynamic organization, and right now the drop in enrollment means we're anticipating a drop in revenue of about $125,000." "What our fans will see," Gibson added, "are fewer ticket takers and ushers, so that instead of it taking three minutes to get into the Grizzly game, it might take you seven, because there are only three ticket-takers instead of six."

Gibson said, " we're going to do everything we can to minimize the effect on our fans, under the leadership of athletic director Kent Haslam."

Associate Athletic Director for Business and Finance James Gibson