Glacier National Park saw a record number of visitors last month. The park saw an eighteen percent increase in visitors compared to that of May 2015. However park spokeswoman Margie Steigerwald wasn’t necessarily surprised by the increase in visitors.

"We've experiences the highest May visitation ever," Steigerwald said. "Last year was also a record  for May and year to date we're at 18% higher than last year. We've been experiencing some great weekend weather and we anticipated  that visitation would go up as long as the weather cooperated and it definitely has."

Despite all of the warm weather down in the valley, it is not necessarily summer everywhere in Glacier.

"We do have one warning," Steigerwald said. "There was a lot of freeze and fog going on at an area called 'The Big Drift'. What they found on Monday morning was 18 inches of thick ice all the way across 'The Big Drift', its ice on an angle and it's very dangerous conditions."


Bikers are advised to avoid the big drift until conditions have improved.