Six Hamilton Fire Department vehicles are racing down Interstate 90 on their way to Helena to provide relief for exhausted firefighters in the Capitol city who have been battling a fire in the hills outside the Helena Valley non-stop for over 24 hours. Hamilton Fire Chief Brad Mohn says his department has a mutual aid agreement with the Helena Fire Department, and the six vehicles with 12 firefighters will be on duty from 7 pm tonight until 7 am tomorrow morning. The vehicles were forced to use lights and sirens to get through Missoula traffic on their way east to Helena

The fire near the Scratch Gravel hills so has burned over 1400 acres and has destroyed at least four homes. Winds that passed through Missoula early Tuesday morning have struck Helena gusting at over 50 miles per hour pushing the fire to the northeast. A red flag warning is in effect in the area until 9 o'clock tonight.

Hamilton Fire Chief Brad Mohn