Treasurer Valerie Stamey did not attend a Ravalli County Commission meeting Tuesday, February 18, and now is facing almost $30,000 in fines.

The commissioners held the special meeting and had asked Stamey to explain how and why monthly financial reports and payments had not been made during the last quarter of 2013.

Stamey's lawyer instead sent an e-mail - which arrived during the meeting - explaining that Stamey did not attend because the commission did not provide Stamey with "facts or evidence to which she could respond."

The commission then tallied up a list of at least 58 reports that had not been produced by the Treasurer's office during the months of October, November and December of last year. They included reports that were due to the Montana Department of Revenue, all of Ravalli County's incorporated towns and most of the school districts.

Commissioner Chairman Greg Chilcott said that state law requires the commission to fine the treasurer $500 for each missing report. They then voted unanimously to direct the county attorney's office to file suit against Stamey.

The suit is separate from an extensive audit and an independent investigation that are continuing into the treasurer's office.

However, Stamey's lawyer noted in his e-mail that she is filing libel charges against the accounting firm conducting the audit for three comments made in their first interim report to the county attorney last week.

At the Tuesday meeting, Commissioners Suzy Foss and Jeff Burrows publicly apologized for voting to appoint Stamey as Ravalli County Treasurer last year.

Stamey remains on leave with pay. She has alleged years of corruption in Ravalli County government. Her lawyer, in the e-mail, said she would "continue down this path until justice is done."