Ravalli County Commissioners have decided to approve a large subdivision that will cover over 350 acres near the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge.

The Legacy Ranch Subdivision has been in the works for nearly ten years and came under fire in 2007 when Ravalli County Commissioners attempted to force the developers to abide by a housing plot-size restriction retroactively. After winning court battles on plot restriction law, the developers now have approval from the County Commissioners as well. Commissioner Suzy Foss Explains why.

"Of the seven things we look at, following the law and protecting the public health and safety, is the primary thing that we can actually deny a subdivision on," said Foss. "It was a long process but we followed the law and it was determined that this developer had met or exceeded in every area of the requirements of the law and so we have passed the preliminary"

There is still quit a ways to go before the Legacy Ranch can begin building up to over 600 Residential buildings.

"They now go in front of the state DEQ, they go before the DOT, they go through... really all the state agencies, that will come in and [the developers] will now have to now to though their approval process."

If the Legacy Ranch makes it past the other state agencies, the subdivision could start building in 2018

Suzy Foss