Wednesday, the Ravalli County Commissioners came up with criteria they will use to appoint an interim county treasurer.

Howard Recht of the Ravalli County Attorney's office said state law requires the county commission fill the position by appointment, though it is non-partisan, leaving the Republican and Democratic Central Committees out of the process.

Instead, the commission has come up with criteria on which they will judge the person who will manage the office until a new treasurer is elected in the November general election. No decision was made on how applicants would be found.

County Clerk and Recorder Regina Plettenberg said she doesn't want to be interim treasurer, but would continue to help in running the office. She was concerned about any major shake-up in the office and put her support behind Deputy Treasurer Dan Whitesitt, whom she has been working with since Valerie Stamey was put on administrative leave. Whitesitt is running against Mary Kay Browning in the fall election.

The commissioners came up with criteria they'll use in any decision they make on the appointment:

  • Leadership
  • Experience and education
  • Commitment
  • Ability to do the job
  • Financial background check
  • Staff support.

    Regarding that staff support criteria, Commissioner Jeff Burrows has been directed to talk with the treasurer's office staff and ask their opinions on the situation before the commission goes any further. Plettenberg urged that action, saying the staff input needs to be included in the commissioners' deliberations.