New suspects were announced this week in the case of a boy that went missing from an Idaho campground near the Montana border, not far from Dillon.

Two-year-old DeOrr Kunz Jr. was reported missing last July and is still missing despite hundreds and hundreds of volunteer hours spent searching for him. Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman told KGVO news that DeOrr Junior’s parents are now under suspicion after repeated polygraph interviews.

"We submitted those interviews to the FBI behavioral investigative team," Bowerman said. "They informed us that there were multiple discrepancies in those interviews. So, the FBI conducted a re-polygraph of all interviews and came up with the same conclusion: that the mother and the father were being less-than-truthful."

Two questions in particular came up with suspicious results.

Questions about the disappearance and where he is located at the present time," Bowerman said. "[The parents] were less-than-truthful on those two answers. We are just asking the public now if they have any information that might be helpful, especially if they knew mom and dad and saw some unusual interaction between them and DeOrr Junior, please call us."

At one point, investigators thought that DeOrr Junior had been eaten by a wild animal, but now the investigation has shifted toward a possible homicide. Sheriff Bowerman said he “wouldn’t rule out anything at this point,” and noted that DeOrr junior’s parents have been participating in multiple fundraisers.

The Lemhi County Sheriff's office can be reached by calling 208-756-8980.