University of Montana football players Gerald Kemp and Trumaine Johnson appeared in Missoula Municipal Court this morning and pleaded not guilty to all charges stemming from an altercation with Missoula Police early Sunday morning at a residence on North Russell street. The men, both 21, were tased by officers after Kemp allegedly shoved a police officer, and Johnson stepped in to prevent the officer from taking his teammmate into custody. I spoke with the players' attorney Darla Keck with Datsoploulis, McDonald and Lind

 about the charges. That interview is attached.

Trial for the two men will be in February of 2012, long after the end of the Grizzly football season. Keck would not speculate on what kind of discipline the players might receive from the team or the University, only that she hoped school authorities would remember that the two have pleaded not guilty to all charges.