BUTTE, Mont. (AP) — State economic development officials say a $25 million wind turbine manufacturing plant proposed for Butte isn't going to happen.

In March 2008, Gov. Brian Schweitzer announced a German company's plans to build the plant. Fuhrlander AG said the plant could create 150 jobs.

Two years ago, Joachim Fuhrlander and Schweitzer said the economic downturn had slowed the project, but it was still expected to be built.

Evan Barrett is the chief business development officer for Schweitzer's office of economic development. He tells The Montana Standard that Fuhrlander was unable to get a contract with someone wanting to buy turbines. Demand also has stagnated and tax incentives for wind projects are drying up.

Butte Local Development Corp. Director Jim Smitham called the Fuhrlander project "a caustic example of a project that was announced too early."