Strange lights were seen floating in the skies over Plains, Montana on Sunday night, August 18.

“They were reported by someone in the public,” said Missoula County Fire Protection Association spokesman Chris Johnson. “Someone had reported that they saw something flaming, flying around.”

The mystery didn't last too long though, as fire crews made an important discovery the next day.

“Folks out patrolling for fires noticed that there were two extinguished sky lanterns on the side of the 'P' hill,” Johnson said.

Sky lanterns are usually constructed out of paper. The paper is bowled into a dome shape under which a candle or wax pellet is placed and lit on fire. The hot air from the fire propels the lantern into the sky, much like a hot air balloon.

Sky lanterns might be fun, however, the fire and ignitable paper are a huge risk during fire season.

“They may look pretty attractive in the evenings, or during a wedding in winter time, but, right now, I would say that [in regard to] any activity that can start a fire, people should rethink it, reschedule it," Johnson said.

Lighting sky lanterns at this time of the year is an extreme financial risk. Anyone who accidentally started a fire in this way could be found liable for all the costs incurred in fighting the ignition.