The following is a letter written to the Missoula County Board of Commissioners from the Occupy Missoula General Assembly on
December 15, 2011.





Dear County Commissioners,

This is in response to your letter concerning First Night.

Occupy Missoula is part of global movement, not an organization. Its General Assembly does not have the authority to impose it's will on the participating individuals and Work Groups. The decision to Occupy the Courthouse lawn is the choice of each individual.

Further, it has been demonstrated that the houseless members of our community have found their voice and visibility in the Occupation of the Courthouse lawn. No one in our movement wishes to push them back into their previous anonymity and isolation of houselessness. Their vital interests and needs must be addressed on a systemic level. They will not disappear along with the encampment, whenever it is struck.

Occupy Missoula's process of consensus is a truly inclusive democracy. Our desire for a form of self-government without winners and losers must start with the proceedings in our own groups, and this takes time, patience, and perseverance by the most dedicated and resourceful individuals within the larger community. We are making history.

The over-arcing goal of the Occupy Movement is to lay a foundation for a truly sustainable society with liberty and justice for all. We hope to be able to count on you as part of this unifying goal, and we sincerely appreciate all past and future efforts that support our presence in this community.

In that spirit, a working group from Occupy Missoula will be contacting First Night to initiate a constructive dialog.

With Best Regards,

The General Assembly of Occupy Missoula