Two factions within Occupy Missoula have come to a parting of the ways. I spoke with Kim Bostrom of Occupy Missoula on Monday. That interview is attached. Also attached, find an explanation of how the two groups have come to move in different directions.

Occupy Missoula General Assembly Separates from the Encampment on the Missoula County Courthouse Lawn:

This Proposal is to address that consensus of the Occupy Missoula General Assembly is not being respected by the encampment working group on the county courthouse lawn.

At the January 8, 2012 Occupy Missoula General Assembly, a proposal to remove the green tent and associated equipment was approved by consensus.

When members of Occupy Missoula attempted to carry out the expressed wishes of the General Assembly, they were blocked by individuals at the encampment who did not participate in the General Assembly and who do not agree with the General Assembly's decision.

Rather than provoke further confrontation and dysfunction, it seems wise to acknowledge the fundamental differences between Occupy Missoula General Assembly and  the members of the encampment working group. Therefore, Occupy Missoula requests that the encampment form its own processes, separate from the current Occupy Missoula General Assembly.  This formal separation will allow each aspect of the Occupy Movement to continue in its own direction unhindered by the other.

The General Assembly of Occupy Missoula will continue open and transparent communication with the encampment group via a Liaison Working Group to the Encampment (LWGE). Any questions or concerns regarding the tents and courthouse lawn occupiers should be directed to the people occupying that space.

Occupy Missoula General Assemblies, in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, are public events, open to all.  Members of the community are encouraged to join these meetings and add your voice.  Meetings are held every Sunday at 2pm at the Union Hall banquet room. 

The drafting of this proposal was approved by consensus at the Occupy Missoula General Assembly on January 15, 2012.