No one will deny that President Obama is an excellent teleprompter reader, but who's writing his speeches? A recent Republican ad plays two separate speeches (a year apart) side-by-side for comparison and it appears that someone forgot to load the right text into the system.

This video captures two of the main difficulties that the Obama Campaign will have to overcome. 1. It will be more difficult for Obama to emotionally connect to voters now that we are used to his style and mannerisms. 2. Now that he has been in office for three years he will have to run against more than just Bush, or the Ryan Budget, or the Supreme Court, or the wealthy, or Romney. Obama now has to run against the most formidable opponent of all: the Obama presidency that could have been. The promise of the rhetoric from the first campaign was impossible to live up to, but I'm pretty sure we'll hear the same message again. If you can't create results, simply repeat that you will.