The Obama campaign recently released it's $20,000 per minute, Tom Hanks narrated, Davis Guggenheim produced campaign film. Before you get into the actual film, you'll probably want to get the director's perspective on a president who's biggest fault according to Guggenheim is "too many accomplishments."

Without further ado, here's the main event: The Road We've Traveled.

Politifact has challenged some of the films misleading numbers as being mostly false, while the Washington Post's Fact Checker contests the films portrayal of Obama's mother's struggle with health insurance. Those on the other side of the political aisle will undoubtedly wonder how a movie was made about the last four years without mentioning the nation's skyrocketing debt. It's not surprising that a Hollywood pro was needed to compose this film, slicing the last four years into 17 minutes of unfiltered accomplishments was no easy task.