The point of this article is to help those that disagree with Obama (like I do) to focus their aim on the biggest political flaw of Obama, namely, that he is a crony capitalist. Losing focus and concentrating of frivolous arguments  that Obama is a communist, or about his faith or his homeland, only serve to paint Obama in a better light and make his detractors look silly. This election is too important, so here are the two big reasons why those that oppose Obama should choose to paint him as an abuser of capitalism.

1. Judo

In the Japanese art of judo, the key is to take the momentum of your enemy and use it against them. Obama's supporters are literally "occupying" public spaces across the country chanting slogans against the abuses of a capitalist system, while Obama himself has argued that Wall Street behaved unfairly. Although Obama's biggest backers won't buy the argument that he promotes cronyism, those to Obama's left will balk when he is stained with the term capitalist.

2. Evidence

The biggest reason to label Obama a crony-capitalist is the overwhelming amount of evidence to back up the point. To argue that he is a communist, one has to rely on circumstantial evidence and the beliefs of the most extreme members of Obama's cabinet.  The main problem with the current political system is that the government gets too involved with business and Obama is only pushing that problem further by actively picking winners and losers in the market and handing out government money to those he thinks deserve it. Here is a quick list of Obama's crony-capitalist behavior.

a. Solyndra and George Kaiser

b. Keystone XL and Warren Buffet's train shipments

c. Obama's "recess" appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (union payback)

d. Obamacare deferments to Obama backers and Nancy Pelosi's district.

There is a whole lot more one could add, I recommend that people who want a little more depth on the subject read this.