MISSOULA, Mont. - With the new year in full force, people are gearing up to start their New Year's resolutions. For many people, health is a key focus.

Alice Sparacino, who works at The Peak fitness center in downtown Missoula, says gym memberships skyrocket in January.

"People want to start a healthier year, and then there is the burn-off from everything we've eaten over the holidays, " said Sparacino.

According to Nielson research, the top two New Year's resolutions are either staying fit or losing weight.

One gym member we talked to says fitness resolutions don't last very long.

"People make goals and then don't stick with them.  They get started and they realize it's harder than they thought", said Loy Magnus.

Magnus is a faithful member at The Peak. He plans to shed a couple of pounds this year.

Gyms will be busier in January, which means there will be limited space.

You can avoid the rush by:

Trying different times of the day to feel out the crowd
Going earlier in the morning or during lunch hours to beat the crowd
Trying to switching up your order of exercises

Fitness is not at the top of everyone's list, but it will always be something many try out each year.

Story courtesy of NBC Montana.