In less than two weeks, firework stands will open across Montana. Last 4th of July, the city of Missoula had a ban on nearly all types of fireworks and although there are still limits, more items will be legal in city limits this year. Debbie Clevidance from Blue Dragon Fireworks in Missoula explains the changes.

"Everything, pretty much, is still illegal in city limits except for a few things," Clevidence said. "We were able to get sparklers, snakes, and smoke bombs added to the list of things that could be legally used in city limits because they are not regulated by the Department of Transportation as being fireworks."

Outside of Missoula, the sky is literally the limit for the types of legal fireworks. With the special exceptions of bottle rockets and roman candles (which are only legal on some reservations) everything from rockets, to firecrackers and artillery shells can be shot-off on state land unless there is a fire danger warning.

Clevidance says that even though fireworks can only be sold for a few days a year, they can legally be fired on state land year round. Likewise, sparklers, smoke bombs, and the other Missoula approved "fireworks" can be used year round.

Firework stands across the state will open on June 24.