New legislation that allows citizens to harvest road kill went into effect on Tuesday of this week, and according to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Regional Supervisor Randy Arnold, one Missoula resident has already taken advantage of the new law.

"Joe Jaquith, our Warden Captain, responded to a caller who was reporting an injured deer that appeared to have been struck by a vehicle, and the deer was still alive. Captain Jaquith responded to the scene to put the deer down, and the person that called it in asked if there was some way that he could take the deer."

Up until November 26, taking an animal in this way would have been illegal, but Jaequith knew that things had changed.

"Historically, our response would have been 'no,'" Arnold said. "It wasn't anything that we were unable to allow the public to possess because it wasn't taken lawfully. Captain Jaequith actually said, 'Well, yeah, we actually do have a mechanism by which can do that,' and referred the gentleman to the site, and left the deer in his possession and his care, as is allowed. From what I understand, the project works seamlessly."

To obtain a salvage permit, citizens must go on line to within 24 hours after an animal is taken, and agree to a set of terms and conditions. Personal information as well as information about the animal and where it was recovered are required before a permit will be granted.